Symbolicons Line

Symbolicons are a family of simple, precise, and awesome icons designed by Jory Raphael of Sensible World. Symbolicons are available in two flavors, Block and Line, each with a distinct personality.

With SS Symbolicons, it’s incredibly easy to update styling and colors, meaning they’re ideal for use on websites and in-app development for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Use Symbolicons pretty much anywhere to add cohesion and flair to your designs.

Both the Line and Block sets were built proportionally. With a few exceptions, all icons have an equal height and width. This lets you easily swap one icon for another without the need to adjust spacing. They’re also pixel-perfect at multiples of 28px for Block and 32px for Line. With over 500 icons in each set, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Check out Symbolicons Block or look for it at checkout.

Symbolicons are also available as vector and raster icons from