Geomicons Squared

Geomicons Squared is a calm, assured icon font from Brent Jackson that's designed to shine in reversed color applications.

Its neatly rounded corners amplify the geometry of the forms with quick turns and an easy confidence. Squared comprises cohesive drawings that provide a great toolset for user interface designs with carefully planned and solid-feeling glyphs. The mechanical and the natural are approached with equal fervor resulting in deft, finely balanced icons.

Marked by a sense of keen familiarity, Squared imbues its forms with a steady craftsmanship, lending them a hard-working yet unassuming nature. Straightforward and personable, these glyphs are dependable.

Proportions are based on a 16px grid for clarity in form and great fit on Retina screens. 225 easy-to-use icons invite exploration of this rewarding, deliberately crafted set.